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Galaxy Overlord & Defender’s Battle Control on 28th Nov

With the constant exploitation of new galaxies, the conflicts between the UEO, Altairian and Seekers are getting fiercer.
% Z# f9 l3 I. t* }8 L# Z/ S      Who will come up with the first colony spaceship to reach for more distant space? The battle never ceased as every force and alliance is aiming for territory expansion and consolidation. The star pirate fleet can no longer stop the players. The demise of Vincent and the appearance of Brandon is the end of this era as well as the beginning of a new one.. y0 g* V+ n/ U# m8 b& a
      Fugitive legion, the new force, is coming. What is the new plot brought by its leader Wendell and the mysterious Brandon this time? - [7 o) J; Q6 j9 N# b. |
      The universe needs heroes, and heroes shall lead their force to rebel the enemies and make miracles. Our brand new arena competition, Galaxy Overlord, shall test players in a variety of ways:
3 q% y) O( ~  s' ]& }# m; z     1. Brand new Rank system for Galaxy Overlord: the more players you defeat, the higher rank you will get.* O  T) c1 [4 w0 {- Y
     2. Win Honor points in Galaxy Overlord.9 v$ @+ c6 R: H
( R0 D2 X2 H+ c$ R
      Our most important update that we will be implementing to our players is the Defender’s Battle Control, which will give the defenders the ability to be able to join in and control the battle.
8 Y: m) t# M- t" P
9 x: x$ P4 U+ X# O      In the later updates, more features will be added in. For example, Honor Shop, which offers cheaper and special items, and Honor equipment set with special attributes. You can get all of these amazing items using Honor points.  With all of this in mind, get ready for battle and face off against other players!

ホームページ製作+ v  p, w, r. I3 G% h3 r- Q6 O
ホームページ制作& X0 q# N, K$ s% A4 _( K
7 x- V- x, o$ r) Qホームページ作成ソフト
, \9 V. V( X* j8 Y0 S6 F' K4 y- qホームページセミナー
+ F. L; |7 A4 ?# XCMS0 ~0 f9 R& f% {4 s4 y; R


With the constant exploitation of new galaxies, the conflicts between the UEO, Altairian and Seekers ...
7 ]3 f3 N; J. o& _: U: k- F

  ^( p8 {, N* D" A% `  d9 `& YIf it is your dream to become a powerful magician who has a dragon pet as well as a pretty garden full of exotic and magical plants, then MiraMagia is your wonder land.


Star Supremacy is a massively multiplayer war strategy browser game, adapted from the singleplayer game Light of Altair.


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