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Zeus is back---compensations

Dear players,0 W. P7 M% O5 G$ S4 C2 o
              Terribly sorry for this unexpected issue. We've been on a vacation and the server alarm didn't work well.
5 n1 v) I- G# Y$ d- z* ?3 f, l0 b! FNow Zeus is back , please relogin. Compensations will be sent soon to all Zeus players. ; l8 [# a( l0 A) Z5 H% B& Y
There might be  a rollback. If it happens to you, please leave your in-game name here and we will check out to make extra compensations.
3 ~1 ~" t1 N: G& B- w0 a- yThanks for you support and concern. Wish you a brilliant new year!

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