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Event Suggestions - We Need Your Ideas!

So I was discussing event ideas with the team and I was interested to see what ideas players had in mind.  What sort of events would you guys like to have? What events would make the game more exciting to play? Also, we wanted to incorporate events into our facebook page to make our facebook more active and get more likes so does anyone have any ideas on facebook-related events?

Post your ideas here!

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A "Capture The Flag" style event would be cool where individuals and/or alliances try to hold a specific location for as long as possible. It would be very cool if this location was special and had a different look and feel than a node or fort. Instead of me putting all my ideas, I am hoping others read this and input their thoughts to 'flesh out' this idea!
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Maybe holding said location for a specific amount of time would give each member of that alliance a small amount of honor? The prize would have to be worthwhile, but at the same time not game-breaking.


1) Enemy Pirate Raid Event perhaps. Such as a mass of randomly spawning (temporary) super pirate base/fleets also ranked like resource nodes in difficulty that provide event items when defeated and bonus exp on defeat.
2) King of the Hill. A universal spot that takes X time to travel to no matter how far you are from X spot, that you or your alliance holds for X items or prizes (determined by the time held).
3) Alliance vs Alliance super battles. - Self explanitory
4) Holiday Events - corrisponding with said holiday.
5) Server Competitions/Events - Such as speed of server play, Size of maps, etc.
5a) super fast paced server (build faster, move faster, etc.)
5b) slow speed server


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